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OK NaKah(-‿◕✿)*✿

✿¸ OK NaKah .✿¸.¸ Katreeya English -
O____(゚、 。 7
V____ l、 ~ヽ..(
E _____ じしf_, )ノ

โอเค นะคะ - แคทรียา อิงลิช
Song's Name : OK NaKah โอเค นะคะ - CHaina Doll Live (( PART 2 ))
Great Superstar Singer : Katreeya English แคทรียา อิงลิช
Kaew made a copy from : ✿¸ Great You-Tube Friend Channel Music(◕‿◕✿)*✿

Kaew would like to give many thanks and very apreciate for lets me sharing a beautiful songs, Kaew just want to share beautiful music of Katreeya English to all my friends and everyone.
Kaew wish all my YOUTUBE FRIENDS don't mind and lets me, giving me a permission,PLEASE(◕‿◕✿)*✿
Kaew wish all my YOUTUBE FRIENDS have a beautiful day and every day-ka
Love and respect for you all.

No copyright intended✿¸.
All rights go to rightful owner✿¸.
Especialy : Katreeya English(-‿◕✿)*✿✿¸.
And all her friends : Jenny JAMP- China Dolls- YaYa Ying✿✿¸.