HORIZON TWILIGHT - Epic Powerful Fantasy Music Mix | Emotive Vocal Orchestral Music

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Publisher: Muzronic Trailer Music
composers: Mayrain,Juste,Punta,Luminia
Produced by Mayrain & Kcal
Album : Horizon Twilight (2017)
album cover art: Kush

Muzronic's recent public releases include Horizon Twilight .
Horizon Twilight is an album of emotional and ambient orchestral music,
This album offers beautiful melodies, lyrical atmosphere, fascinating themes and reminds of quiet nights and lakes.
Horizon Twilight composed by Mayrain,Juste,Punta,Luminia and produced by Mayrain,Kcal
Awesome artwork was made by Kush.

00:00 Horizon Twilight
composed by Mayrain & Luminia
04:43 Horizon Dawn
composed by Mayrain & Luminia
08:50 Live In Your Heart
composed by Punta
11:38 Romantic Fiction
composed by Mayrain
15:00 Adoration
composed by Juste
17:39 New Day
composed by Juste
21:23 Ready To Rise
composed by Juste
24:14 Generic Crisis
composed by Punta
27:02 Endless Journey
composed by Punta

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Juste: http://www.facebook.com/juste07

artwork by Kush

Video animated by team Premium Music HQ

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