My Silent Cry - Beautiful violin music

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New Age Music
Composed by BlackSheep806
Calming piano/violin song
Sorry for not updating anything in a long time, I have been living hectic everyday life and my inspiration hasn't been in its fullest but two days ago a few days holiday started and its been relieving :)

I came back from watching the movie "Cloud Atlas" and I feel like it was the inspiration I've been waiting for. When I came home I just started playing this calm melody I had in my head and it started progressing to more powerfull melody and everything just came so naturally and I just felt so relieved. I don't really know what the melodies were telling, emptiness, sadness, joy,
All I know that it all came so naturally and all pieces came together so easily. Last time I felt so easy on composing was maybe in mid/end of 2011 when I composed most of my songs, like sound of an angel, broken wings etc.

I'm really happy to share this song with you all, it was really liberating to compose ^^

Thanks to Linda Kindt for this amazing picture!