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Confident Communication for Women

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Confident Communication for Women is a series of workshops across Victoria empowering women to overcome the perceived barriers of communicating as a female, public speaking and helping women to become confident in their interactions with colleagues, clients or even at home.

Women from particularly male dominated industries have found the workshops especially beneficial in helping them tap into their abilities to communicate confidently in an environment that may sometimes feel overwhelming or restrictive.

Carol Fox, trainer, speaker, author and president of the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association facilitates these intimate workshops of less than 30 women at a time.

Each workshop covers...

Understanding differences in people and why they behave, enhancing ones own wellbeing
Recognising an individual’s communication preferences and the characteristics of that preference when communicating and influencing others
Adapting your own communication style to influence people into action and maintain rapport
Awareness of limiting situations as women and how to change them to be more empowered
Gaining confidence in public speaking

As the first female professional surf-lifesaving lifeguard in Victoria and a national level swimmer and water polo player, Carol has experienced the mindset of champions firsthand. Her background is the inspiration behind the beautiful, waterside settings of each of the workshops. Each event offers a warm, welcoming and comfortable learning environment with fresh healthy food served throughout in the light-filled space.

For more information:http://www.carolfoxconfidentwomen.com/
Book your place: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/confident-communication-for-women-by-carol-fox-inner-west-tickets-25311028969