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Lil Aaron - Gloing Pain$

It's a rare occasion finding an artist as talented as LA based Lil Aaron, and on October 30th, the world got a glimpse inside of Aarons' head via an album drop entitled "Gloing Pain$".

It's hard to put Aarons music to a style/genre, as he varies from song to song, even multiple times in songs. The waviest production we've heard in awhile accompany Aarons ever-changing flow, that can go from auto-tuned singing, to slick fast spitting bars. The distorted bass waves tear up the speakers, while the guitar breakdowns that mix with the jubilant synths. Don't get it twisted, this was labeled as a rock album by Aaron, so expect some amazing guitar riffs, as well as a couple songs that really can be labeled as rock. The variation can be a surprise, a nice one at that. rack #4 "Drugs" does a really nice job of combining rock with modern day rap.

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