Om - Pilgrimage (2007) (Full Album)

"Pilgrimage", the 3rd album from doomy duo Om, is truly an example of how sometimes, less really is more. Armed with only bass, drums, and vocal chords, the group never the less manage to craft music of incredible depth and originality.

This album truly is as it's title suggests, an epic voyage to unknown lands of massive sub-sonic proportions. Al Cisneros leads the way on this journey, effortlessly weaving hypnotic bass lines that go from beautiful and meditative one minute, to Earth shaking heaviness the next, all the while his eerie, chanting vocals conjuring tales of spiritual planes that many have yet to experience. His partner, Chris Hakius is no less important, keeping the music running perfectly smooth with a good balance of shamanistic, and marching, cadence like rhythms.

It's amazing that the sum of so few parts could add up to something so monumental in scope. This album truly defines what the DRONE is all about, music so trance inducing that at times you are not sure if you are listening to it, or are really experiencing a deep, meditative state. The only real problem with this album is it's short running time, as the 32 minutes literally melt away.

People looking for brutality of any kind, or even metal for that matter, probably won't find it here, and will dismiss the album as boring. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of heavy riffs, but they are not heavy in a traditionally metallic way, they are heavy in a deeper sense of the word, especially when weighed against the albums lighter, more mystic moments. However, more open minded listeners will find the album to be a genuinely awe inspiring musical experience. "Pilgrimage" is a testament to the fact that Om truly are the masters of "drone mantra purity."

1. Pilgrimage - 0:00
2. Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead - 10:34
3. Bhima's Theme - 16:13
4. Pilgrimage (Reprise) - 27:54

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